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About Us

Our History

EMS was founded in 1983, with the original goal of providing management and project-design consulting for federal agencies, trade associations, and state and local governments. As EMS grew, so did its reputation for quality. During the early years, EMS thrived as a subcontractor to larger companies. Since then, EMS's client base has expanded, as has its national reputation for quality and integrity, and the company has successfully managed 22 multi-year prime contracts for the Environmental Protection Agency, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of the Interior, and Department of Transportation.

Who We are

EMS is a small, employee-owned consulting firm with 40 years of experience in technical research, policy and program development, communications and outreach, training, organizational development, meeting planning, grants management, and technical information management for federal, state and local environmental organizations. We specialize in bridging the gap among environmental scientists and engineers, government policymakers, regulated communities, and the general public. We strive to create real value for our clients and to be recognized by our customers and our competitors as the standard for integrity, responsiveness, efficiency, and creativity. 

Why We're Unique
  1. We're intentionally small.  We offer a stable workforce of experienced, exceptionally qualified professionals dedicated to meeting our clients' needs. You can count on us to keep your institutional memory and provide long-term continuity to the project team.

  2. We have no bureaucracy. Having a flat organization makes it easy for us to respond to your needs quickly. You deal with your project support team directly, not through layers of management.

  3. To round out our own experience and expertise, we have assembled an impressive team of subcontractors with unparalleled corporate and individual technical experience whom we can bring in, as necessary, to meet your specialized needs.

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