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Code of Ethics

EMS's ethics are the basic principles that guide business relationships with our colleagues within the company and with our clients and other business partners. Our ethical standards are based on integrity and openness. We strive at all times to maintain the personal and corporate strength of character needed to provide only our best professional judgment, even at the expense of profit.

EMS's business ethics and conduct are built on trust. It takes a long time to earn the trust of our partners, clients, and vendors. We understand that how we conduct ourselves day-to-day is integral to gaining that trust and that it can be lost quickly and irretrievably through negligence, greed, or by failing to deliver on our commitments. We want our customers to come back to us time and again, because they know we are reliable and straightforward. EMS is justifiably proud of our reputation for integrity in business relationships, and every employee is equally responsible for maintaining that reputation. We strive to be the kind of corporation for which we all want to work and with which others want to do business.

The elements of EMS's code of business ethics and conduct are (click each tab below to expand):

  • We will recruit and retain the best possible people we can find who share our values, ethics, and commitment.

  • Individually and collectively, all EMS employees will conduct the company's business in accordance with highest ethical standards. They will not engage in or tolerate conduct that would bring discredit upon themselves or upon the company.

  • We will not appropriate someone else's ideas, opportunities, or accomplishments.

  • We will make business decisions that reflect the best interests of our clients, vendors, and the reputation of our company.

  • We will avoid any practice that could give the appearance of a real or potential conflict of interest, or private financial gain.

  • EMS's project leaders, managers, and supervisors will model the behavior they expect from their staff. Every EMS employee is to be respected equally, regardless of their tenure, salary, or position.

  • EMS will set reasonable and achievable budget expectations and other financial targets. EMS project managers accept the responsibility for defending achievable goals for their teams, not only with their clients, but also with their own EMS supervisors.

  • EMS will deliver products and services of the highest possible quality and reflective of our best professional judgment and abilities.

  • EMS will not drop an existing project in favor of a later one that may be more interesting or profitable. Not meeting commitments destroys trust.

  • EMS's policies on business principles, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, intellectual property, sexual harassment, and fraud are clearly explained in the company's Employee Manual and written policies.

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