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EMS offers a variety of services including policy and guidance development, technical and scientific research, program planning and evaluation, web development and information management, and much more. Explore our services below.

Professional Services

Policy and Guidance Development. We perform the research and analyses to help clients develop technical guidance to implement program policies, strategies, and plans for diverse constituencies.

Technical and Scientific Research. We gather, analyze, customize, and synthesize technical data and information to meet the specified needs of our clients.

Program Planning and Evaluation. We help clients develop, organize, and evaluate long-range programs that respond to specific research needs, legislation, and organizational or operational requirements and schedules, and we identify key technical issues to be addressed in these programs.

Technology Transfer and Information Management. We identify and design the optimal methods and systems for synthesizing and distributing information to ensure applicability to users' interests, including translating technical information into accessible, easy-to-read materials for the public. We offer a full spectrum of web development capabilities and are well versed in related cyber security requirements to keep hardware and applications secure from threats.

Community Outreach and Communications. We help organizations identify communities or groups affected by their operations or policies, and facilitate working relationships with stakeholders based on shared objectives and open communication. We are keenly aware of the requirements for government produced data to be Section 508 compliant in adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act and do everything in our power to ensure that we follow the guidance to ensure accessibility by the widest possible audience.

Training and Organizational Development. We assess the organizational need for performance-based professional training, and design, develop, and implement customized learning opportunities. EMS has broad experience in innovative training delivery methods, including online and interactive training. EMS’s approach to training development and delivery relies on the principles of adult learning, expertise in online and blended learning methods, and our recognition of the organization’s constraints. EMS uses an instructional systems design approach—a structured process that involves training analysis, design, development, delivery, and evaluation.

Meeting and Conference Planning. EMS is a one-stop shop for event support ranging from conferences and meetings to webinars and various other live and online events. We have managed the planning and execution of meetings and workshops around the country and internationally, including the biannual Superfund National Radiation Meeting, the EPA Community Involvement Training Program, the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable, and the U.S./Mexico Waste Policy Forum. We are extremely experienced in developing meeting agendas, identifying and coordinating with meeting presenters, overseeing development of meeting websites, selecting and coordinating with the meeting venue and meeting vendors, overseeing and facilitating meetings on-site, and developing post-meeting materials such as evaluation summaries and meeting proceedings


Grants Management and Tracking. EMS supports a wide variety of grant competitions for the EPA. EMS created a Records Management System that allows us to track thousands of data points needed as applications are processed, reviewed, and eventually selected for funding. We write fact sheets for selected applications and assist with the development of grant guidelines and Request for Proposals. EMS is capable of managing and facilitating all aspects of a grant selection process.

To see specific examples of the work we've performed, visit our Portfolio page.

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