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A Small Firm Delivering

Big Results

Environmental Management Support, Inc., or EMS, is a small, mission-driven consulting firm with a national reputation for responsiveness, quality, integrity, and organizational insight.

Why Choose EMS?

We're Intentionally Small

Managing our growth enables us to devote more attention to our client's needs rather than marketing the next project.

We're Problem Solvers

We offer expertise in a variety of areas and our creative staff will work to find the solution to any problem you might bring to the table.

We have a stable workforce

With an average employee tenure of 18.5 years, you can count on us to keep your institutional memory and provide long-term continuity to the project team.

What's New At EMS?

EMS Will Celebrate 41st Anniversary

EMS will be celebrating 41 years in business this September! Our success is directly tied to the reputation for quality and integrity earned by our team of dedicated professionals. We can't wait to continue our journey for the next 41 years!

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