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Rob Langston

Web Application Developer

Rob has been connecting people to job-relevant training using a variety of web technologies and techniques with EMS for the past 24 years. He leverages server-side technologies to empower learners to acquire the skills to expand their careers. He also has a keen interest in cybersecurity - chasing bugs and vulnerabilities. Rob loves watching how users interact with my applications (for good or bad), finding things that were missed, and tightening code for efficiency and security. When problems do crop up, he thoroughly enjoys researching what happened and exploring options to fix what didn't go as expected.

Projects: Support conversion of classroom training to online webinars providing programming, logistical, and technical support, managing content in EPA's WebCMS in these areas (Technologies for Cleaning Up Contaminated Sites, Greener Cleanups, Superfund (Selected pages)); Outreach activities for TIFSD (TechDirect); support operation, maintenance, and expansion of the Trainex website; Deputy TOM on CLU-IN; support registration for Community Involvement Training Program, National Association for Remedial Project Managers (NARPM) Training Program, On-Scene Coordinators Training Program, National Site Assessment Symposium, and various local community involvement sessions. Also works with projects involving Brownfields and Land Revitalization. Recently developed portable system to conduct hybrid in-person and Zoom meetings solving the issue of successfully connecting the in-person event to Zoom audience and vice versa and employed this system at several community meetings

Rob Langston
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