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Krissi Folsom

Training Coordinator

Krissi considers customer service her specialty and quality control her priority. She has been the voice behind Trainex and CERCLA Education Center (CEC) registration and coordination for the past 24 years. She has supported the OLEM Training Coordination Team for just as long, in addition to helping plan, coordinate, support, and manage numerous other EPA events from training courses and small meetings to large training conferences and awards ceremonies. Outside of work, Krissi sings with the Heart of Maryland Chorus, an all ladies a cappella chorus singing in the barbershop style. She is passionate about environmental conservation! And whenever she can squeeze it in, she has made and decorated cakes as a hobby for over a decade.

Projects: Trainex, OLEM Training Coordination Team; National Site Assessment Symposium and Training

Krissi Folsom
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